Travel Times

AM_140215_120558_6134Travel Times
Let’s splurge
Fulfill that gypsy urge
Train plane
Footsteps ingrained
Passion meets curiosity
Manifesting serendipity
The unexpected adventures
and laughters laced
In living out of a suite case
No where to go and nothing to do
Besides see a new world or two
The Land of Golden Sand
The Seas of Jungle Trees
The Ocean set in motion
The possible paradise of the unknown
Always rolls like a stone
The sun is a loaded gun
Giving and taking lives
So live with no strifes
Love lots, drink shots
You live once
So dance and take a fleeting chance

3 thoughts on “Travel Times

  1. As a traveler, writer, and musician (shameless plug) I really gel with your unbridled curiosity about the world. The ideas that seep from your writing are the stuff of conversations I’ve been starved of because most people don’t have minds that run so far or in so many directions. I came here because you wouldn’t know this at all from my Tinder profile and it’s not every day I meet someone else with that insatiable thirst for life. Reply to this and I think you’ll find we have a lot we can talk about.

    • Thanks so much! Your the first person to leave a comment to my things… its nice to know others are seeing this and feeling something along the lines as myself. Do you often blog? I kinda just started, and honestly prefer just scribbling away in my own millions of journals but… its nice to be able to network with others versus getting dusty and dormantly forgotten in my shelfs and under my bed. Haha anyway, hope your having a wonderful day 🙂

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