Todays’ bloodstains is Tomorrow’s stars

1477523_1461399230757635_392559455_nWhere is home?

where are we?

this smoke covers your face

and I’m scared.

Ashes follow us in trails

in circles we go

chasing our own shadow tails

falling in each others’ bed frames

trying to stay tamed.

But the open road calls

opportunity arises

and devours our tear drops

and blood spots.

Torn lace and empty treasure chests

We’re on this god forsaken quest

together till the mother kicks us out

and God winks and sighs with a groan.

Life is one big rolling stone

but if thrown right

it’ll skip to the next one

and tomorrow will become today

mañana ahora, señorita

pour s’more salt on my bebida.

Cheers to no home food plans or money

because we’ve for got each other, honey

So come now, climb under my wing and close those pretty things

unwind your restless mind

let go and go.

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